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Portable DC Charger


If you have Nissan leaf or Mitsubishi i-Mev,when you urgently need power for family use or on board inside vehicle for camping, emergency power supply, this V2H is a good choice and solution.The electric car provides backup power to an is landed load such as a home during an outage, similar to a stand-alone emergency generator.With the help of self-sustainable home energy supply,particularly if you want to or have to go “off-grid”competely .

Description :

1.Portable type,suitable for family use or on board inside vehicle for camping,emergency power supply etc.

2.Input voltage range: Maximum DC 450V,best solution for Nissan leaf or Mitsubishi i-Mev.

3.Output voltage: Single-phase three-wire system AC220V (±6%), 50Hz / 60Hz ,suitable for powering smaller loads.

4.Extract power out to supply 2*16A socket outlets .

5. 5'' screen with remote control function.

6.EV road-rescues another EVS.

7.Up to 99% effciency.


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