Do you know about car charging points?


Electric car charging points can be installed on the ground, on the wall, or in public buildings such as shopping malls, shopping centers, and public parking lots. Its function is similar to that of a gasoline dispenser in a gas station. Charging stations can be used to charge different models of electric vehicles at different voltage levels. Both the input and output of the car charging station are connected directly to the AC grid. They all have charging plugs that can be used to charge electric vehicles.

Most electric charging points can be classified according to their location and charging method. Depending on their location, they can be classified as public, private and special posts. It can also be classified into slow charging (AC charging), fast charger (DC charging), battery exchange (power exchange) and wireless charging according to the charging method.

DC Charging Pile: DC EV charging station is also called "fast charging". It is a power supply device that connects to the AC grid and provides DC power to non-vehicle vehicles. The DC charging post uses a three-phase, four-wire AC 380V +-15% frequency, 50Hz and adjustable DC output to charge the power battery of an electric vehicle. The DC charging post uses a three-phase, four-wire power supply. It provides sufficient power, adjustable current and voltage, and can be adjusted to meet the needs of fast charging.

AC Charging Post: AC EV charging posts, commonly referred to as "slow charging", are connected to the AC power grid. This provides AC power to the vehicle charger (i.e., the charging post for the electric vehicle. It is a power supply device that connects to the charger of the electric vehicle. The AC charging station only outputs power and does not charge. To charge an electric vehicle, it must be connected to the charger on the board. It is used as a power source for control purposes.

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