A glimpse of EV charging infrastructure


Solar Ev Charging Station, Public EV charging stations in China

With electric vehicles being embraced across the globe, it has led to a demand for building EV charging infrastructure. When we speak of EV charging points, there are two main sources of charging. So, we bring you a glimpse of what are the options and how they function :

  • Solar Ev Charging Station: With Solar energy being used vastly, it has managed to foray into the EV charging space as well. These charging stations have great longevity like 20-25 years. As the source of energy is Sun, the energy input is free. Depending on the vehicle and the charging capacity needed, these solar charging stations can cater to AC slow charge for smaller vehicles and e rickshaws, AC fast charging for a specific range of vehicles, and of course, DC fast charging.
  • Public EV charging stations: These are the non-solar options, which charge vehicles with the electricity generated the conventional way. Ideally, the vehicle charging takes 15 units of electricity. These are available in two variants i.e. slow charging and fast charging.

Thus, the above points must have given you a sneak peek into the functioning and features of EV chargers. Based on this you can create a base framework of how to go about it.