ELECTWAY ‘s Year-End Gala: Unity and Innovation

ELECTWAY, a leader in EV charging, celebrated its annual year-end gala on January 26th 2024at the company headquarters. Themed "Unity in Action, Innovating Forward," the event aimed to strengthen bonds among staff while highlighting the company's commitment to innovation and progress.

In the afternoon, a team building event was held, which included a series of collaborative games and creative activities. Staff enthusiastically participated in challenges designed to promote teamwork and problem-solving skills, reinforcing the company's values of unity and collaboration.


Following the team-building activities, staff gathered for a memorable banquet held in the company premises. The buffet-style dinner allowed attendees to enjoy a diverse array of culinary delights while mingling and networking with colleagues.




The highlight of the evening was a special Q&A session with ELECTWAY's CEO, where employees had the opportunity to pose questions on various topics, including improvements in company lunch offerings, plans for an IPO, the company's direction for the upcoming year, and exciting employee travel opportunities.  The CEO's insightful responses provided valuable insights into the company's future plans and initiatives.


Entertainment for the evening included captivating performances ranging from musical renditions and dance routines to calligraphy demonstrations and enchanting performances on the traditional Chinese zither.  Attendees also participated in engaging games and a raffle draw, adding to the festive atmosphere of the gala.











Overall, ELECTWAY's year-end gala was a resounding success, fostering unity, innovation, and camaraderie among employees while celebrating the company's achievements and looking forward to a promising future.