Electric vehicle gear layout


The power gear of an electrical vehicle is that the core a part of an electric vehicle, and its performance determines the performance of the electrical vehicle. At present, the facility transmission system of electrical vehicles has the subsequent four arrangements:

(1) the primary arrangement is in keeping with the gear of a standard automobile, with a transmission. This arrangement will increase the beginning force of electrical vehicles and increase the backup power of electric vehicles at low speeds.

(2) The second kind cancels the clutch and transmission. This technique has higher needs on the motor, not solely needs the motor to possess a better beginning torque, however conjointly requires a bigger backup power to make sure the facility of the electrical vehicle admire starting, climbing, and fast overtaking.

Electric vehicle gear layout

(3) within the third arrangement, the electrical motor is put in on the drive shaft, and the and therefore the|and conjointly the variable speed and differential speed conversion are directly complete by the electric motor. This transmission technique also has higher needs for the electric motor, giant beginning force and backup power. At a similar time, it not solely needs the system to possess higher management accuracy, however also has sensible reliability, so on make sure the safety of electrical vehicles, smooth.

(4) The fourth arrangement is comparatively on the brink of the third arrangement. the electrical motor is directly mounted on the driving wheels, and therefore the motor drives the wheels directly.

Electric vehicle gear layout