The classification of charging pile

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The charging pile is the charging station of electric vehicle. Charging pile is a terminal device of new energy electric vehicle. It can be charged for various electric vehicles according to different voltage levels, and it is the basic supporting facilities of electric vehicles. The charging pile can display the data of charging time, power consumption, consumption amount and charging mode, so as to improve the efficiency and practicability of the EV charging station.

The design of charging pile can meet the charging requirements of different electric vehicles. Charging piles are divided into different styles and types.

1. Divided by installation method

It can be divided into floor type charging pile and wall mounted ev charger. The floor type charging pile is suitable for installation in parking spaces not close to the wall. Wall mounted charging piles are suitable for installation in parking spaces close to the wall.

2. Divided by installation location

According to the installation location, it can be divided into public ev charging station and commercial ev charging station, and self used charging station.

Public ev charging station which is built in the public parking lot (Library) is combined with parking lot to provide public charging service for social vehicles. Commercial ev charging station is used by the internal personnel of the unit (enterprise) in its own parking lot (warehouse). Self used charging pile is built in individual own parking space (Library) to provide charging for private users.

The charging pile is generally combined with the parking space construction of the parking lot (garage). The protection level of charging pile installed outdoors shall not be lower than IP54. The protection level of charging pile installed in the house shall not be lower than IP32.

3. Points by charging interface

It can be divided into one pile one filling and one pile more filling.

4. Divided by charging mode

The charging pile (bolt) can be divided into DC charging pile (bolt), AC charging pile (bolt) and AC-DC integrated charging pile (bolt).