TUV awarded ELECTWAY 240KW series DC charging pile CE certification

On August 10, 2023, ELECTWAY was awarded the CE certificate of 240KW series DC charging pile by TUV.


CCS2 TO CHAdeMO ADAPTER ROAD TEST—— More than 10 brands of CCS2 station in HK are tested successful!

CCS2 TO CHAdeMO ADAPTER ROAD TEST—— More than 10 brands of CCS2 station in HK are tested successful!


ELECTWAY ‘s Year-End Gala: Unity and Innovation

ELECTWAY's year-end party was a great success, promoting unity, innovation and camaraderie among employees while celebrating the company's achievements and looking forward to a bright future.


ELECTWAY's Media DC EVSE-Dual Socket/Dual Plug was successfully used in Panyu Charging Station, Panyu District, Guangzhou

ELECTWAY's Media DC EVSE-Dual Socket/Dual Plug was successfully used in Panyu Charging Station, Panyu District, Guangzhou


Media DC EVSE-Dual Socket/Dual Plug is successfully installed at the charging station

Electway Technology is one of the leading Electric Vehicle Charging Station Companies. We are creating more brilliant charging advances and giving E-Car Charging Station made in China. As the emergence of electric charging networks for providing a solid framework to electric vehicle drivers, we provide a power electric charging system. Our advanced charging systems can assist with guaranteeing the smooth combination of electric vehicles into the power framework by, for instance, changing Public Ev Charging Stations times and speed of charge. This can be particularly valuable for overseeing varieties in the wind and solar power. Inventive vehicle-to-matrix (V2G) charging frameworks permit electric vehicles to supply power to the neighborhood power network when supplies are tight. Electway Technology is developing a creative charging framework to empower electric vehicles to supply power to the nearby force network when supplies are tight. Electway Technology power control successfully transforms an electric vehicle into a backup battery that can help lattice administrators balance power interest and supply.


Electway eMove 360 Europe 2023 exhibitionOCT.31,2023

ELECTWAY eMove 360 Europe 2023 exhibition,The exhibition is very successful, we feel very happy about that.We commit ourselves to be an international company with strong competitiveness on the research, design, production, sale and service of ev charging station.In this exhibition, we are the star enterprise, we show a full range of models of charging pile products, attracted a large number of professional customers and peers attention.Thank you for visiting our booth,We want to establish a long-term relationship with all of our customers and achieve a win-win situation. We sincerely welcome contact from customers all over the world for ev chargers!


ELECTWAY at the 2023 Shenzhen International CPSE(Charging Pile and Battery Swap Station Exhibition)

The 2023 CPSE brought together industry leaders, experts, and practitioners to explore the latest developments in EV charging and battery swap technologies. As a pioneering player in this field, ELECTWAY introduced DC Charging Adapter Series Production, designed to meet the ever-growing demand for fast and efficient EV charging solutions. Visitors were impressed with the adapter's advanced features and its compatibility with various EV models. We were delighted to receive many positive feedback from our valued customers and partners who visited our booth. ELECTWAY extend our gratitude to all visitor at CPSE 2023, and we look forward to further collaborations and advancements in the field. For more information please visit the ELECTWAY official website.、


New York to convert bus fleet to BEVs by 2035

The New York City Council has passed a bill mandating that the city’s school bus fleet be fully electric by 1 September 2035. This is in accordance with the decision to allow only zero-emission passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to be sold from 2035.


Choose a commercial ev charging station for your enterprise

One thing is clear: electric vehicles are the new normal. By 2030, there will be 130 million electric vehicles on the road. Consumer interest is growing. Major automakers have committed to full production of electric vehicles. 30 countries have also committed to phasing out diesel-powered vehicles.


Do you know about car charging points?

Electric car charging points can be installed on the ground, on the wall, or in public buildings such as shopping malls, shopping centers, and public parking lots. Its function is similar to that of a gasoline dispenser in a gas station. Charging stations can be used to charge different models of electric vehicles at different voltage levels. Both the input and output of the car charging station are connected directly to the AC grid. They all have charging plugs that can be used to charge electric vehicles.


What Type of Electric vehicles Supply? offers high-quality commercial electric vehicle charging stations. We are one of the leading designers, engineers, producers, Ccs Charging Stations and exhibiting companies in the industry. We are establishing the Chinese local market as part of our commitment to e-movability workplaces. The press release that follows gives some history on a well-known company that supplies a variety of rapid chargers. In a 50,000-square-meter factory with over 100 in-house designers and ten creative professionals, manufactures electric vehicle charging equipment.

06-13 Leading Electric Vehicle Charging Suppliers

Unique plans and high-quality materials distinguish and help us stand out in the industry. Electric vehicles are gaining traction, Commercial Ev Charging Station allowing retailers and distributors to start their own businesses in their communities. What distinguishes us as the best Electric Vehicle Providers? Be your own boss and display our charging units at your workplace to earn a lot of money. If you need more information regarding rapid chargers, go visit the power site.


Why E Car Charging Station Becoming Popular?

The majority of people who own electric engines did so because it seemed like a decent idea at the time. Finally, "green" engines impair the traditional appearance of a central drive in particular contexts, putting a stop to pollution and preventing the use of non-renewable fuel sources.

06-03 The leading Commercial Stations Suppliers

Commercial Ev Charging Station of the highest quality are available at! We are one of the industry's leading designers, engineers, makers, and exhibiting professionals. With our commitment to e-movability workplaces, we are launching the Chinese local market. The following press release provides some background on a well-known company that sells a wide selection of quick chargers. manufactures EV charging devices in a 50,000-square-meter facility with over 100 in-house designers and ten creative professionals.

06-03 The Leading Electric Charging Manufacturers

Are you looking for the Best Ev Charging Station, Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station, or Fast Charging Electric Vehicles creator? will be there for you! is the most important exporter in China's domestic and international markets. Our unique plans and high-quality materials set us apart and help us stand out in the industry. Electric vehicles are making an effect, and they are allowing retailers and wholesalers to set up their own type of business in their area.


E Car Charging Station: The Trend of Electrical Charging in 2022

Are you searching to purchase Ccs Charging Stations, E Car Charging Stations, or Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations? If the answer is yes, Then came the arrival of! To meet the demands of clients, the following article provides a quick overview of E car charging stations.

05-31 The Leading Electric Charging Manufacturers

Are you looking for the Best Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Station, or Fast Charging Electric Vehicles creator? will be there for you! is the most important exporter in China's domestic and international markets. Our unique plans and high-quality materials set us apart and help us stand out in the industry. Electric vehicles are making an effect, and they are allowing retailers and wholesalers to set up their own type of business in their area. To earn a large sum of money, be your own boss and exhibit our charging units at your workplace. You can go to the power site whenever you want to acquire additional information about quick chargers. Everything is organised and created by experts at a massive workstation that spans 50,000 square metres. We are concentrating on producing high-quality chargers to meet the needs of our customers. The group of experts has been assembled to provide you with something new and unique. Electric vehicles with rapid charging offer the best source-to-connection responsiveness, allowing customers to charge their vehicle in less than an hour. We also offer customization options for a specific project and provide full-time focused help to our clients. Contact our master bargains and administrative group to get the EV charging thing nuances and assessing as they are open for the client's 24 hours in 7 days.


The need for commercial EV charging stations exists

One thing is clear: electric vehicles are the future. With more than 130 million electric vehicles expected to be on the road by 2030, growing consumer interest, major automakers committing to full production, and 30 countries pledging to phase out gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, it is clear that electric vehicles will soon become the norm. Companies around the world are adapting to the new reality in one way or another. Many are also working on the issue of commercial EV charging stations. There is no single solution. Some companies offer electrification of their fleets to improve sustainability. Other companies offer EV charging facilities for employees who drive EVs. Still other companies use EV charging to increase revenue or attract new customers. There are many things to consider before investing in a commercial EV charging station. When there are so many EV charging stations available, it's easy to get confused or lost. How do you determine which commercial EV charging station is best for your business? There are many electric vehicle models on the market. As a result, there are also many types of chargers. EV chargers can charge AC or DC power and have a variety of smart charging features that can be connected to smart charge management software. Choosing the fastest charging station or the most advanced isn't always the right choice. It's important to understand the needs of your business before finding the best E car charging station. Do you want to know how to set up charging for electric vehicles? Businesses are increasingly looking at electric vehicle charging stations to increase their revenue. It's a parking lot where visitors and customers stop when they visit your business. Electric vehicles offer a new way to make money and grow your business. Businesses such as hospitality and retail can also offer fee-based services (or lower tariffs) to increase the amount of time customers spend at their businesses. This will lead to greater opportunities for up-selling. You can also offer electric vehicle charging outside of your business. In this example, charging in the workplace can be a convenient way to increase employee satisfaction and even attract talent. Purchasing an electric vehicle charging station is a big investment. It's important to consider what happens after the purchase. You want your charging station to be available at all times. To maximize your return on investment, you will want to increase its lifespan. When you purchase a commercial EV charging station for your business, be sure to check the standard warranty and find out if there is an extended warranty. There are many ways to maximize the life and performance of your charging station, even if the warranty doesn't apply. Sometimes, E car charging station companies offer comprehensive care plans. It's worth checking to see if additional services such as support, maintenance and commissioning are available. If you have a commercial EV charging station construction need, you can ask us at


Where can i find public EV charging stations?

Electric car owners spend most of their time charging at home. The best thing about owning an electric car is that you can charge it when you get back from work and wake up with a fully charged battery. No more trips to the gas station. No more smelly hands. Those who live in apartments may not be able to charge at home. If you're on a road trip, you won't be able to charge your phone at home either. While you may be allowed to charge at your destination, you'll need to charge for trips beyond the confines of your vehicle. Electric vehicle owners have access to public EV charging stations. Despite the growing infrastructure, there are a limited number of EV charging stations available to the public. However, by using maps, you can find charging stations near your destination. It's as easy as plugging your car into a charger and waiting for it to charge to capacity at the nearest public charging station. In order to make public charging hassle-free, there are a few details you should know. There are many factors that can affect the speed of charging between stations. Different types of connectors are available for different types and prices. To speed up charging and save money, you need to understand how the charging curve works. This includes the state of charge of your car's battery. Qualities of the ideal public EV charging station. Serves multiple audiences (employees, public, fleet, etc.) Have public restrooms and facilities nearby, such as coffee or grocery stores, recreation areas, parks and recreation areas, etc. Located in a commercial area As a charging location, located near a major road or highway How to start your public EV charging station project. Please call WhatsApp. +86 18122197121 or email and we will be happy to help you with this step.


Benefits of E Car Charging Stations in Parking Lots

Most urbanites rely on vehicles powered by natural gas as their primary mode of transportation. The problem is that fossil fuels are not a renewable source of energy and also pollute the atmosphere. Electric vehicle owners need to live in areas where there is enough electricity to charge their vehicles. You can make electric cars more affordable for homeowners and businesses by installing E car charging stations in your garage. You should consider the advantages of installing E car charging stations in your garage before deciding if they are worth your time. You will be helping the planet, and you can benefit from them in the following ways It's a win-win situation that could prove to be worth the investment. Encouraging better environmental sustainability Let's start with the obvious benefits of a charging station in your parking lot - it reduces pollution and saves limited resources. Many people are aware of the environmental problems caused by society and are taking steps to reduce their negative impact. Electric vehicle charging stations will promote sustainability and provide a safe place for electric vehicle owners to store their cars. This applies to commercial properties such as shopping centers and office buildings where drivers may need to charge their cars after a long drive. They can charge their cars while they are at work and plug them in when they arrive. There are also charging stations that can be used to encourage others to obtain an electric car. While visitors and employees may not use these stations all the time, it can improve electrical security. People may then be more inclined to buy an electric car and reduce their daily carbon emissions by doing so. The more charging stations commercial property owners provide, the more viable electric vehicles will become and the more people can move away from fossil fuels. Your building will be more attractive In addition to promoting sustainable practices, E car charging stations in parking lots will make your building more attractive. People will be impressed that you are trying to make the world a better place and will be more likely to choose your building as their office space. People who care about the environment and are willing to do their part to make it better for everyone will be more likely to value your company. Offering electric vehicle charging stations may help improve employee retention and customer loyalty as more and more people look for ethical businesses. Tenants will be more inclined to rent your premises if you offer green facilities. Charging stations, and other environmentally friendly decisions, will show that you care about the environment. Potential additional revenue streams If you are looking for more than just customers, you can use electric vehicle charging stations to generate additional revenue. The price people pay for electricity at your station can be set. This problem can be solved in many different ways. You can keep the cost of the charging station the same, whether they visit your business or not. You can offer to charge only those who use the charging station for free to increase customer loyalty. Both will work in your favor. If someone is your customer, you will make a sale. If someone comes in just to charge their car, you can still make some money. Once you have a better understanding of the advantages that E car charging stations offer, you can integrate them into your garage or place them separately. can help you meet this need.


What EV rapid charger do i need?

For over 100 years, we have been fueling cars. There are many options to choose from, including regular, intermediate, premium, or diesel gasoline. The refueling process takes only five minutes and is fairly simple. The charging process for electric vehicles is complicated and slow. This is because every electric vehicle can receive different amounts of power. There are many types of connectors, but the most important thing is that the charging level of an EV will determine the time it takes to charge it. Charging times and charging levels apply to EVs and plug-in hybrids but not too traditional hybrids. Hybrids can be charged using either engine or regenerative charging. External chargers are not required. There are three levels of electric vehicle charging There are three levels to EV charging: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Level 3 can be divided into DC fast charging or Tesla boosting. Higher charging levels mean faster charging and more power to the vehicle. You should note that different EVs can charge at different rates because they receive different levels from the EVSE (industry spokesperson, Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). Before the EV Rapid Charger can charge an EV, there is a communication procedure. The car first asks the charger for power, then it asks for the maximum power the E Car Charging Station can supply and what the vehicle can take. Your car will decide how much power it can accept. Don't worry if you plug in a charger that can provide more power than your vehicle can handle. The charger cannot provide too much power to the car. Electway offers EV Rapid Chargers that can be used with QR codes and WIFI. The QR code scanning fast charger was developed for EVs with CHAdeMO/CCS/Tesla/GBT Combo DC charging plugs and is designed for semi-mobile use. This charger is fast and easy to use, making it one of the easiest ways to charge your device. Its small size and ease of use make the charger ideal for commercial use. The 40KW Wall Mounted Fast Charging Station is a fast-charging station that can charge all compatible EVs. Our main products currently include various domestic and international standard AC/DC charging stations (fixed or wall-mounted), mobile of-board DC chargers, and full-range AC charging EVs. We also offer EV Charging Plugs and EV Rapid Charger. Contact us if you have any questions!


How To Search For The ?

Is most would agree that you are looking for the Best Ev Charging Station , Solar Ev Charging Station and Fast Charging Electric Vehicles creator? is staying nearby for you! is the fundamental exporter in China's local and overall market.


How E Car Charging Station Is In Trending Today?

Might it be said that you are looking for buying the Ccs Charging Stations, E Car Charging Station or Public Ev Charging Stations ? In case yes! Then, has arrived! E Car Charging Station is free and others incorporate a rate for use. Rate shape changes, but it ordinarily joins both a remuneration as-you-use elective and a month-to-month enrollment. If you pick a participation organization, one choice would be an all that you-can-use organization. The aggregate you could move on your vehicle in a state of harmony with hour will depend on your vehicle's specific capacities.


How Do You Distinguish: Commercial VS Charging Stations Suppliers? is giving the best quality Commercial Ev Charging Station! We are one of the primary designers, engineers, makers, and displaying experts in this industry. We are initiating the Chinese local market with our dedication to e-movability workplaces. We deal in an extent of magnificent things, including AC chargers, DC chargers, EV connectors, V2H chargers, Tesla chargers, and significantly more generally excellent quality charging things The is manufacturing EV charging things in a workstation on 50,000 square meters of locale and with the help of in excess of 100 house creation workers and ten imaginative work staff.
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